Basic Chitlin Recipe

Rinse 10 lbs Shauna’s Cleaned Chitterlings
(weighed after cleaning)
Place in pot, cover with water, add lid
Bring to rapid boil, drain and rinse in strainer.
Return to pot, cover with fresh water.
Add 6 ounces Shauna’s Gourmet Chitlin Seasoning Blend
Stir and then replace lid.
Bring to second rapid boil and boil until so tender you can cut with a fork.
Remove from Heat.

About the Founder/Owner of The Chitlin Market

Born, raised and educated in Washington DC by her grandmother Virginia Lee Battle, Shauna Anderson is an economic statistician, restaurateur, author, film producer, historian, and business woman. Her work, preserving the history and tradition of chitlins, was inducted into the Smithsonian's Museum of African American History on April 22, 2003, as part of its collection of materials about African American celebrations and foods.  Her autobiography Offal Great: A Memoir From The Queen of Chitlins is in the Smithsonian Library and the Maryland Historical Society Library and is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This company has been featured on CNN and in the Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise Magazine, The Washington Post, Grocery Headquarters Magazine, and Saveur Magazine.

The Chitlin Queen:  Shauna R Anderson had a successful accounting business at the time she decided to revive the chitlin business in the early 90's. She knew that families were losing the tradition of cooking chitlins because high quality cleaned pork chitterlings were not readily available. As a seasoned business woman, Shauna was able to tackle the marketing, supply, distribution, and advertising single handedly to establish Shauna's Hand Cleaned Pork Chitterlings. She was soon selling them online across the country and now has served over two million customers. She was crowned "The Chitlin Queen" by great friend Jesse Jackson Jr  and the name has stuck. Saveur Magazine named Shauna "the" source for Chitlins.


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